"Thinking Outside The Box" 

CCTV / Video Surveillance Systems


I am so glad you talked me into a camera system. Although I didn't believe I needed it in my little store and of course I didn't want to spend the money.... Well a few months went by and guess what? A customer claimed she slipped on some water, hurt her back and was going to SUE me for everything I had... Thanks to the camera system recording SHE was arrested for Fraud. I can only imagine how much the system saved me.


Why Install A Camera System?

If anything below applies to you, then YOU need a Video Surveillance System.

  • Home Owners -- Protect your Family, Friends, Home and Assets  from Burglars, Thieves, Kidnappers, Auto Theft
  • Business Owners -- Protect Yourself, Employees, Patrons, Customers, and Inventory

As a Business Owner, you should be fully aware of the following:

1. Shoplifting is a Huge Problem

2. Employee Theft is a Issue

3. Employees have faked Workman's Comp Claims

4. Customers have faked falls, etc just to sue for money

5. Robbery is always a possibility

6. And Worst Case Of All  -- Armed Robbery where a Customer, Employee, or even Yourself get hurt of killed.

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With DVR recording available with storage up to 6 Months or more, and the ability to watch / playback video from anywhere in the World via the internet. You can feel more secure in protecting what matters most.



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